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Long Beach Rising is Now Open!

Life was going well for Grayston Leonard - he was a route setter at a popular gym ten minutes from his house in L.A. Things were easy, but he saw an opportunity, and took the bold step into gym ownership...

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Oso: The Newest Dallas Climbing Gym

If you’ve been itching to see what a monster, industrial renovation looks like, then you need to head to 1330 Conant Street in Dallas, Texas. Along with an army of construction workers, engineers, architects and the likes, you’ll find Chris Whittaker – the founder of Oso Climbing Gyms and the mastermind behind the renovation.

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St. George Gets First Climbing Gym

With near perfect year-round temperatures, beautiful sandstone around every corner and Zion National Park just next door, St. George is a hotbed for outdoor rock climbing. Now, the city is getting its very first climbing gym thanks to co-founders Chris Horton, Jacquelyn Horton, Jeff Compas and Jenny Compas.

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