Habit Flooring, a division of Vertical Solutions, creates reliable and aesthetically pleasing options to outfit modern, design-driven facilities. Our years of experience in gym construction, sewn products, and facility management allow us to generate flooring systems that are the most durable and cleanable on the market. The pads we produce are sleek, extremely durable, and compliment your walls. 

Bouldering Floors

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With our Habit Flooring system, you can drastically reduce service intervals, injury count, and cleaning time. This results in increased operational efficiency and profitability. Our ballistic system is currently used at some of the nation's most premier climbing and training facilities and is specifically designed for high-traffic applications that need superior abrasion, puncture, and tear resistance. Compared to the various vinyl and woven nylon products used by many of our competitors, our material is ASTM-tested and proven to be up to twice as strong while providing a superior ability in preventing chalk from being tracked onto your climbing holds and walls.

Bouldering Floor Materials & Construction
  • 1050D Ballistic Nylon

    Our ballistic product line is uniquely constructed and domestically sourced. The custom-coated 1050D ballistic nylon is thoroughly tested against other materials and is sure to deliver the highest quality water and stain-proof system. ASTM testing results showed that 1050D Nylon’s strength is nearly doubled compared to 18oz vinyl. And, when stacked up against other widely used vinyl padding materials, our fabric is one of the only to include a top coating of durable water repellant (DWR) and a heavily coated fabric backing that ensures a high resistance to tears, abrasion, and punctures, all while trapping chalk to keep your facility MUCH cleaner.

  • The envelope is our most durable and versatile padding system. By fully enclosing both the top and bottom of the foam in our bomb-proof ballistics nylon material, we’re able to create a highly water-resistant, encapsulated system with easy adjustability. The envelope system is comprised of large individual sections, generally up to 400 sq. ft. each, that tie in together with burly hook and loop strips. The sections can be removed easily for events (freeing up floorspace), repairs/replacement, and adjustment.
  • Our tarp system provides a continuous landing surface that is both durable and affordable. This is achieved by seam gluing the entire foam layer, then encasing the top and sides in a ballistic nylon tarp. While this system is not as comprehensively covered as our envelope system, the foam is well protected and secured on all sides. Vertical Solution's proprietary method for securing the foam allows for easy adjustability as the shell material stretches (thus eliminating unsightly wrinkles in the pad surface).
  • High Density Matrix Awesomeness

    The foams utilized by Habit and Vertical Solutions don’t compromised when it comes to thickness and firmness – we have found the perfect balance. All foam is exclusively sourced from North American manufacturers and meet the high standards set by our research and development team. Each system is custom designed to best suit your facilities specifications for wall height and fall zone coverage. Foam padding can be installed in either a multi-layer or single-layer system, and each system is typically installed using our signature solid block construction. Custom layering can be requested.

  • Quadruple Stitched and Hidden for years of action

    With over a decade of experience in crash pad and sewn manufacturing experience, we have perfected the method for producing high-strength, welded seams that are the strongest on the market today. We do this by utilizing redundant stitching features that are well-hidden from exterior elements like chalk and climbing shoes. Our team focuses on identifying innovative methods and testing new materials to ensure Habit is at the forefront of impact system design.

  • Your brand deserves the right colors

    One of Habit Flooring fabrics' best features is the ability to customize pad colors. Beyond several standard base colors, such as cardinal red, charcoal, black, and royal blue, we have dozens more personalized colors to choose from. We encourage clients to match their flooring system with their brand identity to significantly rise above the competition and impress customers.


Route Floors

Route flooring is an essential component in any respectable climbing facility. Their vital function is to protect heel strikes in the case of a fall before attaining the first clip-on lead. Our route flooring systems are designed to be a 2" or thicker closed cell system that will hold up to high foot traffic, provide comfort underfoot, and have a clean quality and beautiful aesthetic. Interested in taking it to the next level? This system can also be ordered in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and densities. Once installed, the route flooring is finished with our Invisi-Seam surface and can be paired with optional add-ons such as our contour-matching anti-trip steel trim.

Seamless flooring helps prevent customers from tripping over gaps or mismatched surfaces. Not to mention, the seamless design will make your gym look and feel ultra-sleek. Our system gives you the option to forgo seam tape entirely. Due to the great value of our flooring features, many of our customers choose to outfit all their non-bouldering space with it; not just their route climbing area.

Invisi-seam Surface

Transitioning from the route floor to your base floor can be ugly, cumbersome, and potentially hazardous. Many older climbing gyms will leave this as an exposed edge that collects chalk and dirt, quickly becoming an eyesore and hastening deterioration. We offer a custom-fit steel trim for our flooring systems that are designed to be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Anti-trip Steel



What makes our company better?
  • After contacting us, we'll discuss the flooring system and provide recommendations for the options that will best suit your needs. If a sketch or design is not available, one of our designers can travel to your location to take a precise 3D scan of your entire facility. This technology allows us to design an accurate model for approval and ensures one of the most accurate fitting systems available.

    Once the 3D model is made, and the final pad design is approved, it's sent into production at our Salt Lake City, Utah sewing facility. Producing our products in-house allows us to maintain a high level of quality and offer a genuinely custom-made product.

    Once your system is produced, it will be shipped and assembled onsite with the help of our skilled installation team. Specialty cutting and gluing equipment are used to get a perfect fit with your new Habit Flooring system.

  • TThe benefits of installing a Habit Flooring system during new gym construction are endless. We can design your bouldering or route climbing flooring to work in unison with the walls, training equipment, and retail space from a clean slate using the 3D models of your gym. As with most integral systems with your gym, including us as early as possible in your project will yield the best results.

    EXPOSÉ: Click the link below to read a deep-dive on bouldering floor design

    Focus Article: Anatomy of Bouldeirng Floor

  • Old-school gym flooring systems, especially those made from vinyl, wear out frequently. If your flooring system is worn out and in need of replacement, Habit Flooring has you covered. We'll meet you onsite, take a 3D scan, and ensure each pad is manufactured for the perfect fit. On a case-by-case basis, we can discuss options that include keeping aspects of your current system while integrating new materials in targeted areas.

  • We manufacture our flooring systems to your space's exact requirements and do not use prefabricated models. To ensure the highest quality installation for large projects, we provide onsite installation. While the installation process may seem straightforward, there are many benefits to utilizing our staff who are intimately familiar with the procedure and have installed similar systems countless times.

  • We offer an industry-leading 2-year warranty on top shell fabric with our top shell repair or replacement program. If you have a problem, we'll initiate our expedited repair program using a saved digital model of your flooring system. This replacement system results in significantly reduced section downtime, so your climbers can keep enjoying the space in a matter of days. No one else in the industry can match the speed at which we can replace a flooring section cover.


  • Lauren Watson
    Ground Up Climbing

    Our gym has very specific constraints and requirements for flooring. The tight areas created by our bouldering walls and mezzanine railing create unusual shapes and sizes of pads, and they all see a TON of foot traffic. Vertical Solutions came in, quickly came up with a design and drawings, and delivered a system on-time and on-budget. I couldn’t have asked for a more simple process.

  • Lance Pinn
    Brooklyn Boulders

    We’ve partnered with Habit on all of our flooring installs because they consistently exceed our expectations. Not only is it the best looking system on the market by far which suits our clientele, but in addition we have tracked 30% fewer injuries every year we have had their systems installed as compared to before. With how many climbers we service, that is a huge number of people we are helping.

  • Matt Twyman
    Crux Climbing Center

    We decided to go with the Habit Flooring system for a variety of reasons. Primarily it was due to our concerns of long term longevity and serviceably with other systems. We didn’t want to be replacing a floor every 18 months. I talked to other gym owners who went with Habit and they have all seen significantly increased life-spans relative to other products. As a new gym owner it is absolutely imperative that I picked the most durable system out there to mitigate unforeseen expenses.